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Bob Williams Morning Show On TikiLive A Huge Sucess

Press release August 15, 2009 Multimedia

This week was the debute of the Morning Show on TikiLive

Rainbow 95, in conjunction with took the Morning Show, hosted by Bob Williams, to a new level. On August 12th, Bob Williams aired the first edition of The Morning Show to a live audience. What happened is on that first day Bob's show was greeted with overwhelming raves. As Bob said himself, "I didn't expect such a large turn out. I have to thank all those involved in making my show such a success. First and foremost, my loyal listeners and viewers, because without them, the show would never have been viewed. Secondly, the staff at Big Dawg Productions who did my promos. Scott Mitchell and his crew did a fantastic job. Finally, I have to thank the people at it was their expertise that got us up and running. Without their support, we would have fallen between the cracks."

Station owner, Jan Starks, added that without everyone being "on the same page, this joint venture would have been a mere flash in the pan." Rainbow 95 has also announced that starting Sunday August 16th that it will air The Moldy Oldies show on internet radio and on starting at 4pm to 6pm Central Time.

Asked what the listeners and viewers can expect, Bob jokingly answered, "you won't leave the show without at least one song sticking in your head. On a more serious note, I have to say that without Scott (refering to Scott Mitchell at Big Dawg Productions) the promos for the show would have been bland. He has to be given the credit for that." Rainbow 95 is proving that internet radio is only the begining for someone that wants to get into broadcasting with a bang. See for yourself why the Rainbow is quickly becoming a force to be heard and seen. Visit their website at and to learn more about Big Dawg Productons, simply click on their website on Rainbow 95's home page.

Rainbow 95, playing the hits of the 60s 70s & 80s all day long.