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Bachelors Degree Growth Rates are a Sign of the Economic Times!

Press release September 23, 2009 Economy

Tough economic times spike demand for Bachelors degree at Almeda University

As countries around the globe, especially the United States, attempt to crawl out of a deepest recession in 26 years, evidence suggests they would be wise to invest in education now because of the strong economic payoff it brings across their societies and to individual workers as the economy recovers. Investing in education now is one of the smartest plans for an individual in order to navigate through the bad economy and down the path for successful future. Many colleges and universities are stepping up to the plate by increasing incentives and offering alternative approaches when it comes to a valued education and life experience.

Colleges and universities have been offering online programs to obtain higher level degrees for some time now. The Bachelor of Science degree is among one of the most pursed at Almeda University, out of Boise, Idaho. A recent student survey suggests that more than 74 percent of students attending the University were pursuing a Bachelors degree. Results were based on a random population of students actively attending the University over a one year period. Many comments suggest that the bachelors degree is aggressively pursued primarily for the purposes of either obtaining employment in today’s tough job market or to provide an edge over their peers in order to secure current employment statuses.

A life experience degree is one of most easily obtained degrees for those that are full time workers with limited time in their schedule. A university such as Almeda provides an affordable conduit for students to get degreed online without compromising work or family time. Many educational professionals agree, real life experience should be valued and recognized when a degree is earned. So called traditional “Book” degrees are good and do  represent an “ability to learn” but when vast life experiences are evaluated, many individuals come out on top and are able to prove themselves to obtaining that employer desired BS degree. Many of the Almeda University alumni feel confident that they have the expertise that employers want, and the life experience degree to show for it.