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Apple Sauce Inc. / AppleILLINOIS Expands InteliTap Draft Beer Management Solution

Press release May 27, 2009 Business

After a successful pilot that increased draft beer profit, the franchise giant embraces an expansion of InteliTaps TRUST draft beer management solution to more stores and customers.

Richmond, VA., May 27, 2009 - InteliTap announced today that Apple Sauce Inc. / AppleILLINOIS, a leading franchise group that owns and operates Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar locations, would be installing their draft beer monitoring solution in six additional restaurants the Chicago area, with intent to deploy to the full network of eighty stores later on in the year.

The solution, which was piloted in three stores during Q1-Q2 this year, has enabled the company to improve sales, control costs more efficiently, increase branding awareness & draft quality perception, while ensuring that every single customer receives a clean, cold, fresh draft beer.

The InteliTap system also includes important business process advice and staff training and support via the InteliTap ‘TRUST' development program. This has allowed Applebee's staff to go to the next level in terms of customer service, driving product AND people based loyalty benefits that have a direct impact on turnover.

Scott Purcell, VP of Operations at Apple Sauce Inc. / AppleILLINOIS said: "The pilot we completed with InteliTap has exceeded our expectations. It enabled better management of the draft category. The InteliTap solution provided a focus on our draft beer system that has resulted in increased sales of draft beer combined with a better experience for the customer, which is of course our focus. Customer interaction with staff is critical to us, and any element that enhances that interaction is viewed as a strategic imperative by us. The InteliTap solution is not just a technology that provides a report. Their team worked with our team to improve process, help improve our beer quality and ultimately improve the financial performance of our business."

The InteliTap system also alerts clients on various issues such as a change in beer/cooler/equipment temperature, or when line cleaning is required. It also provides specific dispense information in real time - for example happy hour, or even after hours pouring. The user-friendly real time management reporting tool means that customers can manage daily operations and quickly identify and solve any issues, reducing downtime and costs. Data can also be integrated in to third party software such as customer host systems.

David Adams, InteliTap's CEO said, "I am delighted that Apple Sauce Inc. / AppleILLINOIS have decided to take the next step in deploying the InteliTap solution. Like our other customers, they very quickly realized that the draft sector is an untapped area that can be maximized using our solution. They take customer service and staff empowerment very seriously. The solution isn't just about accurate data & technology, it's also about actually applying that data smartly throughout the organization, AND its people. The results are that they serve consistently excellent draft beer at increased profits. "

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