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Almeda University announces alternatives to expensive college degrees.

Press release November 10, 2009 Education

Success is "measured in degrees”

Everyone knows that college and university tuition rates are climbing to all time highs. Knowing about the state of the economy and the rising costs of education, many are questioning if the college degree is still an investment that will yield a good return in future years. Certainly, it is not yielding the same returns as it would in the past.

Studies show that there are still good returns for those who invest in a college degree over the long haul. Some of these studies suggest that the Associates degree will payback over $100,000 more that the cost of the degree and expenses to obtain it. And, other higher degrees have similar returns although slightly less as the level of the degree increases.

We all know that a degree is an essential tool in your job search and yields a great advantage over non-degreed job applicants. There is no question we all would be better off with the degree in our job search. The question becomes affordability and time to commit in order to achieve the requirements of getting the degree.

With all of us over worked and underpaid, or unemployed and underemployed, we all at some point and time have pondered the idea of going back to school to get that degree in order to help secure our financial future and marketability.

Like most, after looking at the numbers we have decided that this is not an affordable option for us at this time not only financially, but also due to the enormous time commitment that is necessary in order to complete the classes and homework.

Fortunately, there are some viable options that many people don’t even know about. The non-traditional degree is a degree that can be obtained in an accelerated program by qualifying based on real experience such as work experience, college credits and classes, travel, professional development courses, trade schools and classes, even volunteer work.

Experiences are evaluated by admissions specialists who analyze the whole scope of your background and knowledgebase to determine eligibility. It is important to select a reputable institution that is certified and/or accredited such as Almeda University. Almeda University, one of the world's leading online institutions of higher learning and has been awarded membership in the National Association of Academic Online Assessors (NAOAA).  The non-traditional degree is obtainable and affordable in these tough times. These new degrees are generating enormous interest in the education marketplace these days are for good reason.