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Press release December 14, 2009 Health

I was born with a smaller than average penis size. There I said it.

Penis Extender Results a True Story

I was born with a smaller than average penis size. There I said it.

I never really thought about it until I met my second girlfriend and she told that she didn't enjoy sex with me as much as she did with previous boyfriends. When I asked her why she came straight out and told me my penis was too small to stimulate her in the way she needed. I was in shock and the relationship ended soon after.

That's when I began my quest to find a penis extender program that was safe and actually gave me a longer penis with more girth. Of course I turned to the internet to do my research.

There were and still are tons of sites making crazy promises but I was very sceptical. I wanted to be sure I wasn't going to be ripped off and I wanted results.

With credit card in hand I purchased several devices over a period of about 6 months. Despite the claims, not one device actually gave me any gain at all. I was fed up and sore. That's another thing you don't get told many devices can actually damage your penis. One penis extender left me so sore I could not have any form of sexual activity for 2 months.

I was about ready to give up on ever making some gains and having a satisfying sex life when an old school friend told me about SizeGenetics. I went and had a look at their site and was impressed with what I read. I was still sceptical but in the end the fact they had medical endorsements, good media coverage, made reasonable claims and offered a guarantee convinced me to give it a try. What happened?

Well I didn't gain a pornstar size penis overnight BUT it was pain free, easy to use and affordable. After wearing the SizeGenetics device for just 2 months, I experienced a penis growth of around an inch - all of which is permanent. My erections are also much stronger.

If I am completely honest, I could have tried harder. I wore it for just 1 hour a day, this was a third of the suggested time recommended by the manufacturers of SizeGenetics. It would be interesting to see the results this device could generate if I was to wear it for the full 24 weeks, for 2-3 hours a day which I may do.

Anyway I'm happy and so is my new girlfriend. She's better looking than my last one and a much nicer person. Our sex life is great and regular.

If you are looking for safe and reliable penis size gains then this penis extender might be right for you as well. They often have $50 off promotions as well. When I wrote this article it was still running so if you're quick you'll probably get a better deal than I did. You can check it out right now for yourself at the Official SizeGenetics site