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A New Wellness Program Has Been Designed for Liposuction.

Press release August 24, 2009 Health

A Wellness program is the transformation of health to its highest potential and maintaining it for life.

A Wellness program is the transformation of health to its highest potential and maintaining it for life. A wellness program focuses on the life-long adoption of habits, which can improve health, lengthen life, establish healthy weight, slow aging and assist with disease prevention. A wellness program provides you the power to take control of your health, which ultimately controls your life,” says Dr Kelly Sennholz.

Symtrimics vanguard program is The Symtrimic (L) (Liposuction). The program is broken into a 2-part phase focused around pre and post treatment.

Phase 1 - Phase one readies clients prior to the procedure by developing the required BMI and other health pre-requisites.

Many patients use liposuction as a way to jump-start a healthier lifestyle, using their physical and financial investment in the procedure as motivation to take better care of their bodies. Symtrimic (L) provides a pathway for patients to lose excess weight required for Liposuction, to establish a lifelong pattern to improve procedure results and is a 30 to 90 day pre-procedure program. While excessive dieting is never a good idea, a healthy, nutrient rich diet before liposuction is essential to maintaining a newly sculpted figure.

Commenting on evidence based studies, Dr. Sennholz goes on to say, "There is an abundance of quality research regarding what works in changing human behavior in the wellness genre. Prior systems available have addressed parts of those findings, but not encapsulated them in an Integrated System, as doctors and patients have desired."

Phase 2 - Phase 2 readies clients post procedure to continuation of healthy habits to maintain the long-term results from their procedure and their desired BMI.

The December 2004 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® featured the results of a study showing that patients who do not follow a healthy diet after liposuction are three times more likely to gain weight. The top reason for dissatisfaction with liposuction procedure is weight gain. This program ensures ongoing satisfaction and continued connection with the patient.

Symtrimic (L) compliments all liposuction procedures: Tumescent Liposuction Procedure, Laser Liposuction Procedure, Ultrasound Liposuction Procedure and Water Assisted Liposuction.

"We are limiting our distribution for our program; we will be working exclusively with Medical Spas in the United States. There are a lot of "weight loss" programs available; but we see an opening in the market to deliver a comprehensive wellness-based program grounded in science, which truly helps our physician partner and their patients for life," says Dr. Sennholz.

Symtrimics has been working in partnership with doctors utilizing the following liposuction techniques and vendors: SmartLipo, Body Jet, UltraSculpt, ZERONA and SlimLipo.

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Symtrimics™ is an integrated wellness and clinic-marketing platform providing a life-long adoption of habits which can help: improve health, lengthen life, secure weight loss, slow aging and prevent disease. Symtrimics C.M.O. is Dr. Kelly Sennholz.