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Changes with Consideration

Press release February 21, 2014
Uddannelse It is the managers' responsibility to ensure a proper communication with the employees and guide them safely through changes in the workplace. Otherwise, it might have a negatively impact on the working effort.

Self-management Places New Demands on Employees and Managers

Press release February 10, 2014
Uddannelse Employees must be capable of distinguishing between professional and private life, while leaders must be equipped to lead the self-managing employees.

The Leaders of Tomorrow choose the Mini MBA

Press release February 10, 2014
Uddannelse Perhaps you are familiar with this dilemma? You want to become a better leader and improve your management skills, but a lengthy MBA programme to the price of several hundred thousand dollars is incompatible with both career and familly life. You cannot burden your company with your absence and such a massive expense, and your family will not be too pleased either with your absence from home. In other words, you cannot cancel your skiing holidays to go back to school and chase your own leadership ambitions. At PROBANA Business School, we have the answer.

Major Need for Leaders with an Insight into Business Psychology

Press release February 7, 2014
Uddannelse One of the few things on which we can all agree is that we live in a changing world. Change and development seems to be the only thing that we can take for granted today. Also the labor market is affected by this tendency, and the late 20th Century has seen a large-scale shift in terms of work and production. The new form of work is characterized by advanced technology - atomization, advanced computers and information technologies, and this has implications for the restructuring of work tasks, employment and organizational practices in the whole.

Change Management in a Fluctuant World

Press release February 3, 2014
Uddannelse As a manager and HR responsible, you are daily bombarded with many different kinds of information and requirements as to how a modern manager should ideally be. Yet one thing is agreed upon: The manager's role and the conditions under which managers and HR responsible people must operate have changed remarkably during the past few years.

Learn to Cope with a Company Crisis

Press release January 22, 2014
Uddannelse Even large companies have difficulties coping with the transition from the last year's crisis management to a customer-driven growth strategy, and the most popular performance from many of the country's largest companies is currently new knowledge and inspiration at management level, and up-to-date knowledge about sale.

10 Reasons Why Changes Fail

Press release January 17, 2014
Uddannelse Management is about change, but what should a manager do when faced with indisbutable resistance? PROBANA Business School gives you 10 reasons why changes are not implemented successfully.

How to Give Your Boss Feedback

Press release January 17, 2014
Uddannelse You cannot avoid gaining a valuable insight into your colleagues' personal performance.

Today, the demands to Human Resource Management are higher than ever - are you up-to-date?

Press release January 7, 2014
Uddannelse People are the most central resource in a knowledge-based company, which is why both private and public companies have acknowledged and embraced the concept of HRM. The ability to think and act strategically is crucial, if you must really make a positive contribution to the company's bottom line in your HR function. That is why there is a constant need of methods to optimize the use of human resources.

A solid Network is the Key to a Successful Career

Press release December 30, 2013
Uddannelse In a knowledge-based society, good networking skills are crucial. If you are working at top business level, you may already be familiar with the requirement of having a solid network. A well-established professional network can pave the way to your dream job and even be the decisive factor in the choice between you and another candidate.

Strategy in a Tight Economy

Press release December 27, 2013
Uddannelse Since the financial crisis began to bite in the business world, we have seen numerous examples of different strategic responses. PROBANA Business School looks back on which strategies have proven to be the most viable in the new economy

Strategy: Danish Companies Must Find Niches and Deliver Uncompromising Quality on the Global Market

Press release December 18, 2013
Uddannelse On the 100% online Mini MBA from PROBANA Business School, you can learn about winner-oriented management and how the correct strategic focus will ensure growth and development for your company.