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Press releases

Understand Your Employees

Press release November 15, 2013
Logo til pressemeddelelser Flexible education and training is a crucial necessity for business managers and employees. It is important that we continuously sharpen our skills in order to be able to compete on a market that is constantly undergoing change and development.

Poor Management: is the solution sacking or improvement?

Press release November 15, 2013
Logo til pressemeddelelser On November 13 2013, the Danish newspaper, Jyllandsposten published an article entitled "Management: Kick out the bad boss". It this article, Alexander Kjerulf, a leading expert on happiness at work, describes poor management as one of the major sinners when it comes to poor working environment and illness of both physical and mental kind. Factors costing Danish companies proportionally high sums of money, year after year. The solution, in Alexander Kjerulf's perspective, is simple: "Sack the bad boss!".

Three questions to ask yourself if you want to be successful in today's economy

Press release November 11, 2013
Logo til pressemeddelelser Today, it is no longer enough to simply work harder, sell more or work longer hours. If you want to survive in today's challenging economy, it is necessary to change the way you do business. Ask yourself the following three questions to evaluate the current situation and adapt your company to the economic climate.

It is Always Time to Learn

Press release November 8, 2013
Logo til pressemeddelelser Don't let your ego stand in the way of your desire to learn. Successful leaders are always open to acquire new knowledge, because they know that there is always something they have not yet discovered. If you are an expert in a field, then search for other related areas where you can benefit from the knowledge you already have. When you are faced with old challenges, it will benefit you to apply the students' approach to the problem. Ask questions and test new methods for solution.

The MBA of Dinosaurs

Press release November 7, 2013
Logo til pressemeddelelser The world has changed. To most companies, keeping up with today's business world requires more knowledge, skills and talent than ever before.

Get One Step Ahead With a Global Mini MBA Education

Press release October 30, 2013
Logo til pressemeddelelser The world has changed. Keeping up with today's business world requires more knowledge, skills and talent than ever before. Adapting to the constantly changing global demands is fundamental, if you want your business to be successful and stay afloat in today's fierce competition.

PROBANA presents lifelong learning

Press release October 23, 2013
Logo til pressemeddelelser The last few decades have seen an increasing focus on life-long learning in Europe. In fact, to the extent that lifelong learning today is part of the EU's objectives for educational policy. This has also affected the Danish society - lifelong learning has become a political issue, and it is an objective for the government to turn Denmark into a knowledge-based society with a population of 'lifelong learners."

Talent Development

Press release October 21, 2013
Logo til pressemeddelelser Talent is one of the most important resources of the 21st century. Without systematic development of more and skillful talents, Denmark, as well as other countries, will most likely experience a decrease in their competitiveness.

Value Innovation - Job Creation

Press release September 24, 2013
Logo til pressemeddelelser The Blue Ocean way of thinking is based on concept of value innovation, which implies that the company offers a value jump to the customers. This provides the company with a competitive advantage placing them in the blue ocean. Value innovation is defined as a strategic form of logic, which strongly emphasises value and innovation.

5 keys to successful communication

Press release August 26, 2013
Logo til pressemeddelelser Effectively communicating with staff members, suppliers and customers, is a critical skill area for all managers that want success in their job.

Large Upturn in Supplementary Training via E-learning

Press release August 26, 2013
Logo til pressemeddelelser The financial crisis has entailed a significant increase in the demand for effective training programmes and additional education that will equip managers and employees with qualifications to cut down spendings, both in private and public companies. Particularly large companies and local authorities have really begun investing more in education at all levels, says Denmark's most popular provider of online education, Probana Business School. The Company has now lauched its most popular e-learning programme, the Mini MBA, globally.

Human Resource Management is the Key to Competent Employees

Press release August 23, 2013
Logo til pressemeddelelser Many governments in developed countries aim to become a frontrunner on knowledge. Supporting this vision requires an equal balance between the supply of new graduates and the skills required in the business world. At the same time, it is part of the companies’ corporate social responsibility to develop their employees’ skills and provide them with the required knowledge, says a spokesperson from Probana.