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Synergy Learning Support Local Charities With Their New CSR Initiative, sl1%.

Press release December 4, 2013 Corporate social responsibility Charity Synergy learning Sl1%

Synergy Learning, a leading eLearning provider based in Northern Ireland, has today launched its corporate social responsibility initiative, sl1%.

sl1%  is a campaign all about giving 1% back to charity or community initiatives. Whether that be through time, via fundraising or volunteering activities, by providing 1% of their product/services to assist learning or giving 1% of profit.  

To mark the launch of this initiative, Synergy Learning is delighted to have chosen a number of charities to benefit from a share of 1% of their profit; These charities and what our donations will be used towards, will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Roy Kerley, Founder and MD of Synergy Learning, said:

“ At Synergy Learning, we are serious and focused about business and equally, are passionate about giving some of our commercial success back to good causes. We feel strongly that it is not just through financial donations that we make an impact but also through our commitment to give meaningful time and expertise to help where we can.That is why we are honoured to commit to giving 1% of our time to volunteer and engage with our chosen charities.”

Synergy isn't just in their name, it's how they do business and the launch of this CSR programme, proves they understand the importance of working together to support charitable projects around the world.



Corporate social responsibility Charity Synergy learning Sl1%