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Northplains Launches LAYOUTS for NEXT Suite

Press release May 1, 2018
Leading Digital Asset and Content Lifecycle Management Technology Suite Expands Modules to Include Web-Based Editing, Localization, and Translation Tool.

Introducing EMJ Innovations 2.1

Press release January 9, 2018
Discover the latest articles, Interviews and a full review of Medica2017 in EMJ Innovations 2.1.

Smart Brickell Condo to Break Ground as the First of its Kind in Miami, FL

Press release October 31, 2017
Smart pool Smart Brickell luxury condo and hotel by Habitat Development is expected to break ground in the spring of 2018. Smart Brickell is the first smart building in Miami combining elements of smart design, smart technology and smart use. The project is geared toward young professionals and real estate investors. condos come fully finished and furnished with a very exciting two-year guaranteed lease back option.

United Kingdom - Munich Re selects IBA as provider of full suite Insurance Platform for next generation insurance providers

Press release July 24, 2017
COPENHAGEN, Denmark 24-07-2017 IBA A/S announced today that Munich Re, one of the world’s leading reinsurers, has selected the IBSuite SaaS platform.

Dads who regularly cook are challenging Mums’ supremacy in the kitchen, according to a recent poll by Sharp Home Appliances (

Press release June 18, 2016
Sharp logo high res Dads appear to be more creative and less prone to cooking disasters than Mums, who have, traditionally, come out on top in the family kitchen.

HR technology intensifies competition for job applicants

Press release June 15, 2016
Createsend1 Entelo CEO John Bischke recently announced that self-learning algorithms or 'robo recruiters' are becoming better than human recruiters at analysing CV data. This paradigm shift in recruitment processes pronounces the importance of uniqueness in CV credentials and career achievements.

Pulsiam Declares Support for FirstNet Initiative

Press release May 9, 2016
After attending a FirstNet event last week, Pulsiam declares support.

Pulsiam and LanguageMAPS Participate in FirstNet's XPSLTE 2016

Press release April 30, 2016
Pulsiam and LanguageMAPS show support for FirstNet and are proud to attend XPSLTE 2016

A unique method revolutionises concrete

Press release November 25, 2013
Borthyglass small A unique method for concrete surface treatment, called BorthyGlass, is going to revolutionise the use of concrete. The inventor is able to document a global business potential at a value of DKK 460 billion for wastewater drain pipes alone, and now he is on the lookout for a few more investors before being able to implement his business idea.