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Regulation of Claims Management Companies Could Re-Shape The Industry

Press release November 5, 2012
Regulation of claims management companies1 This Thursday sees a meeting between MPs and key government figures to discuss the regulation of claims management companies could re-shape the industry.

Home Affairs Committee Seminar - Review of Private Investigators

Press release May 15, 2012
Insight Investigations yesterday attended the Home Affairs Committee Seminar at Portcullis House, Westminster to discuss regulation of the private investigator industry and also listen to guest speakers around related issues.

Insight Investigations Featured on BBC Breakfast's Private Investigator Topic

Press release January 10, 2012
Bbc breakfast Yesterday on BBC Breakfast, Insight’s Director of Operations Tony Smith was interviewed and assisted in compiling a reconstruction on the legal activities that private investigators participate in.

The World Association of Private Investigators View on the SIA Conference Suggestions

Press release October 13, 2011
WAPI Logo The World Association of Professional Investigators (WAPI) attended the SIA Conference with the agenda being; Commitment to Regulation on 12 October 2011 at Sheffield. This event focused on developing proposals for the new regulatory regime being planned by the SIA, Security Industry Authority. The below announcement focuses on the conference suggestions and reaction by a leading member in WAPI.

Three Private Investigators Arrested in Kenya On Suspicion Of Terrorist Activities

Press release September 26, 2011
The men have been reported to have been arrested and held in Kenya on suspicion of terrorist activities are reportedly linked to Intelligere, a international branch of British based investigation agency XFor.

Insight Investigations Call for the Licensing of Private Investigators

Press release July 15, 2011
Insight new logo Despite many attempts in the past by private investigator associations and private detective agencies to get the Government to license their industry, it is still not governed correctly. After the recent events and publicity the industry is getting following the phone hacking scandal revelations, leading private investigator firm Insight Investigations are calling for action now before the industry is further scrutinised and brought under the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

Insight Investigations Director to Give Opinions on the Milly Dowler Phone Hacking Allegations

Press release July 5, 2011
Nokia At approx 12:20 today, Tony Smith, Director of Insight Investigations will be giving his respected opinion's to Radio 5 Live, on the latest phone hacking scandal surrounding murdered teenager Milly Dowler in 2002.

An insight into the life of a working class Suffragette - Alice Hawkins

Press release March 17, 2011
Alice hawkins 1 Alice Hawkins founded the Leicester branch of the Women's Social and Political Union in 1907 with the help of the Pankhurst sisters. Arrested 5 times so that women today have the right to vote


Press release July 20, 2010

Dods Research reveals new Parliament dominated by primarily one generation: Generation Jones

Press release May 14, 2010
Logo statement Torch is passed from Baby Boomer to GenJones Leaders

Clegg Has The Churchill Factor

Press release April 28, 2010
Nick Clegg and Winston Churchill are the politicians people would most like to take on a night out with their friends – a new survey has revealed.

Climate change dominating global activist campaigning - could water be next? New report

Press release September 29, 2009
Climate change has knocked out every other issue from the environmental activists’ agenda in the last nine months, said a new report on NGO campaigning published today