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MESHKATI exclusive hair specialist opens centre in London

Press release July 31, 2017
Logo About MESHKATI Hair Centre: MESHKATI Opened its first centre in London, at 10 Grosvenor Place, Belgravia, in 2016. Amy Meshkati, a French biologist and founder of the MESHKATI hair centre, has dedicated her life to treating hair loss. Since 1985, Amy Meshkati has continuously worked to push the limits of hair reconstitution. Amy’s research paved the way for exclusive procedures and preventive care. In 2004, Amy launched a complete range of hair products tested in laboratories to prevent hair loss, nourish and revitalise. In 2007, Amy created a specific technique for cancer patients to address hair loss concerns during chemotherapy: the CHEMOSOFT Programme. Amy designed the 100% natural and non-surgical procedures currently in use in MESHKATI Hair Centre in 2012. Non-invasive and without side effects, the procedures allow for a complete reconstitution of hair.