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Nikrans, Trusted Signal Booster Brand Is Launched into the UK market in Autumn 2017

Press release November 7, 2017
Logo sq The leading brand of mobile signal boosters, Nikrans, broke into British market in November 2017.

Classic Informatics exhibiting at Ad:Tech London

Press release September 9, 2013
Classic Informatics will be participating at Ad:Tech London. It looks forward to promote its services to Enterprises, Start-ups and Digital agencies.

E-commerce websites always need PCI DSS accreditation

Press release August 7, 2013
Image What element of a website has the greatest importance if merchants wish to boost their online sales?

GloboMailer An Exciting New Service For Marketing Professionals

Press release July 10, 2013
Vasilis LiveSupport GloboMailer is the new total email marketing package from the Incite Minds group.

Is Google Authorship Markup Necessary?

Press release March 21, 2013
And What If It Isn't?

Flaunt your Geography Knowledge

Press release February 28, 2013
City Distance 1 The new App, City Distance, allows you to challenge yourself or your friends to guess distances between the world’s cities. The App detects the city you are located in and challenges you to estimate the distance from that point to a random city on the globe. If you play against others, you will be challenged on the distance between random cities e.g. the distance from New York to Timbuktu. The game is turn-based, ensuring the freedom to play over a longer period and when time is at hand.

Counterfeit R4 Cards on the Rise – Millions of Consoles at Risk

Press release February 19, 2013
Epidigit Warns of the Hidden Dangers of Bargain-Basement R4 and 3DS Cards

The New Gold Rush

Press release January 9, 2013
Why The R4i Gold Plus Flash Card Is Still Selling Like They’re Going Out Of Fashion

No Chalk Needed

Press release April 27, 2012
Swap your old, boring blackboard for a smart, new interactive whiteboard.

Digital marketing agency How2Media launch their new website

Press release April 7, 2012
How2 1 2 How2Media have launched their new company website which showcases a whole host of essential digital marketing services.

iPad 3 is available tomorrow 16th March 2012 – Will you be getting yours?

Press release March 15, 2012
iPad 3 will be released on Friday 16th March 2012

The importance of order fulfilment

Press release March 6, 2012
Ensuring you keep your customers happy