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Danish company takes on the British construction industry with new US patented paint, that reduces energy consumption up to 15 %

Press release August 30, 2019
NowoCoat Coolingpaint termic view The Danish company Nowocoat has taken out US patent on three new types of paint, that can be used to cool down either roofs, facades or woodwork. The paint is called Coolingpaint and is developed from scratch at the company’s factory in Denmark. The company now enters the British market and offers private-label solutions to existing paint and coating manufacturers.

Five-star reviews for unique book about oil

Press release March 31, 2016
Coverfront Well written, and easy to comprehend, The VFUU Price of Oil is a must read if you care about the future. I give it five stars. Cindy Rodriguez, Commander, United States Navy (retired)


Press release November 29, 2014
FE 50,000 acres T for Trees plantation project in Cameroon, Central Africa