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Options Skills Launch Brand New NVQ Training Course

Press release May 3, 2018
Midlands-based training company respond to industry and customer demand with a new NVQ Level 3 Electrical Training Course

Simple and flexible development of leaders

Press release September 9, 2016
Engelsk mand med by Companies across industries face the problem of not having a leader training programme

Increasing demand of online education in the UAE is said to contribute to 2021 UAE growth goals

Press release July 22, 2016
Billede3 According to Khaleej Times and a GulfTalent study, business professionals now turn in favour of online training over classroom education. The shifting trend is predicted to increase the amount of business professionals signing up for online training, hereby contributing to UAE's overall growth strategy.

Brexit to impede UAE growth plans by 2021?

Press release July 18, 2016
Billede 2 stamp On June 26 the Dubai Financial Market (DME) General Index opened 4.7% lower. It is the sharpest fall in a single day of trading in six months, which has sparked uncertainty on the outlook of UAE growth.

In the wake of the Brexit: Executive management education secures your job

Press release June 29, 2016
12745617 470607153134110 122471907056864774 n Oklahoma City-based financial advisor Tim Courtney, talks about a worst case scenario, being that the Brexit triggers a period of very slow growth which makes global companies feel that it is too risky hiring more staff - or even keeping existing staff. One way to safe-guard against this potential development is by making yourself invaluable through Executive management education.

HR technology intensifies competition for job applicants

Press release June 15, 2016
Createsend1 Entelo CEO John Bischke recently announced that self-learning algorithms or 'robo recruiters' are becoming better than human recruiters at analysing CV data. This paradigm shift in recruitment processes pronounces the importance of uniqueness in CV credentials and career achievements.

Employees achieve greater results when they are treated fairly

Press release June 3, 2016
Shutterstock 174966596 med nyt logo Research on Social Capital shows that employees achieve greater results when they are treated with respect and are involved in organisational decision-making. When employees thrive in an organisation, bottom-line results improve. Employees who do not thrive at work are often more absent and employee turnover will be higher.

University lecturers share 'Grade-boosting' revision tips for exams

Press release May 22, 2015
11085082 1410042799311133 554244148 n New data reveal the shocking plight of UK University students failing to cope with exams. However, a no-nonsense, four-point revision strategy may well be the Holy Grail to tackle the exam blues.

Starting University

Press release September 10, 2014
Starting Uni Infographic The Cost Cutting Fresher’s Guide

Great Deals On Student Accommodation in Loughborough For 2013 - 2014 at Lufbralets

Press release June 26, 2013
Student apartment loughborough Lufbralets have announced more great deals on student accommodation in Loughborough for the 2013 - 2014 term.