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Youth Bingo Boom

Press release May 25, 2010 Lifestyle

The average age of the British bingo player has plummeted over the last 20 years – a recent survey has revealed.

The research, conducted by bingo comparison website, found the average age of a UK bingo player has fallen to just 26, compared with 62 in 1990.

Once a game played by blue rinse pensioner over a lukewarm beer down the local hall, bingo is now the hobby of choice amongst thousands of fun-seeking youngsters.

Normas and Ethels have been replaced by Natalies and Emmas and more young people than ever are dobbing their way to a full house, with the average player 34 years younger than 20 years ago.

The majority of this new generation of bingo players are choosing to play online rather down the local hall, with the flexibility online bingo offers gamers believed to be the main reason for its recent surge in popularity.

Over 70% of UK homes have internet access, giving more people than ever the chance to play for big cash prizes online, from the comfort of their own home. Two decades ago if you fancied a game you’d have to brave the notoriously unpredictable British weather to make your weekly trip to the local hall.

The recession is also thought to have added to the number of youngsters choosing to get their kicks online. Most sites are free to join, making a bingo night in with friends a cheap social event.

Online bingo has also found favour with young smokers who, by playing at home, are able to enjoy a nicotine hit without having to miss a second of the action.

Rob Hutchison, founder of, believes that a new generation of bingo fans can only be good for the game.

Mr Hutchison said: “Bingo used to have a dull image and it’s great that this is no longer the case.

“It used to be easy to describe the average bingo player but now that would be impossible as they come from every demographic - young, old, male, female, married and single. The game appeals to everyone.

“There are many reasons why more young people are playing bingo than ever before. Online bingo gives youngsters the flexibility they crave, allowing them to play where and when they want, and benefit from larger bonuses and cash prizes than can be found at any bingo hall.

“Over 500,000 people in the UK alone are regularly logging on for a game which is great for bingo in general.  More players equal a wider choice of games to play, with bigger cash prizes on offer than ever before, something I’m sure all bingo players of all ages will welcome.”


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