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Young Women Turn To Supplement To Shift Pounds

Press release October 21, 2009 Health

Women are putting themselves first and losing weight in order to improve their health and boost their self-confidence – a new survey has revealed.

And young women are increasingly turning to dietary supplements to help them to shift the stubborn pounds that exercise just can’t budge.

A massive 40% of women dieters want to lose weight for health reasons and 35% were seeking the confidence boost they felt would come with being slim.

But less then ten per cent said they were losing weight to please a family member or felt the need to slim down for a special occasion such as a wedding or holiday.

The survey of adults in the UK was conducted on behalf of leading organic weight loss supplement Proactol this week.

Only nine per cent of women surveyed said their motivation for losing weight was for a special occasion and a mere seven per cent stated it was to benefit a family member.

Yet more young women than ever are turning to supplements to help them lose weight with the Fearne Cotton generation being more than three times more likely to take a supplement then the Fern Britton generation.

Women in their twenties make up a massive 32% of all Proactol customers while ladies in their thirties account for 24 per cent of Proactol sales and forty something women make up 18% of customers.

But women in their fifties are less likely to turn to a supplement to help them lose weight with only nine per cent of Proactol sales. The sixty plus age group account for just four per cent of customers.

At the other end of the scale 18-20 year olds are well represented with 13% of sales – indicating that younger women are much more inclined to take a weight loss supplement than their mothers and grandmothers.

Proactol product manager Katie Downing-Howitt said: “We are finding that dieters simply want to lose weight to be happier within themselves and to gain greater confidence around others, something we salute.

“Whilst some dieters still decide to lose weight for special occasions such as a wedding or ‘that’ bikini we have witnessed a sharp increase in the number of dieters who want to be happy and health all year round.”

This desire for a healthy approach to weight loss is one of the main reasons behind the success of weight loss pill Proactol which prides itself on offering dieters a natural and organic route to steady weight loss, without any side effects.

Katie said: “From our survey we found that the demand to be healthier is by no means confined to older customers with many young people now seeking to lose weight in a controlled and natural way.

“We believe our popularity, especially amongst younger customers is due to the fact that Proactol is scientifically proven to bind with fat reducing an individual’s intake by up to a third. Therefore, they are still able to eat a varied diet and occasionally indulge in treats such as chocolate, something which is often frowned upon in dieting.

“We firmly believe that whatever your age or reason for dieting that you should do it in a responsible way and what better way than by using a guilt free product which is organic and all natural?”


Survey conducted by The London PR Agency Ltd on behalf of Proactol Ltd. Based on a sample of 544 adults.

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