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Yorkshire businesses can shift into top gear with LSC grants for TAM

Press release April 16, 2009 Business

60% grants available for local businesses seeking practical assistance from TAM working with Yorkshire and the Humber Learning and Skills Council

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Yorkshire companies can now accelerate out of the recession through easy access to the Team Action Management® (TAM) programme thanks to 60% grants from the Learning and Skills Council.

Statistically, 80% of businesses confirm having a written-down strategy, but just 18% admit to delivering against this strategy. Such a low level of achievement is due to managers tackling day-to-day pressing problems which take their focus off crucial longer term objectives.

Both Yorkshire and the Humber Learning and Skills Council and Yorkshire Forward recognise the need for strategic executive level training in the current challenging environment and support TAM’s work to improve the performance of organisations through inclusive and participative management.

“TAM offers real business tools to help deal with the very real challenges of running a business successfully in the recession,” comments Philip Webb, CEO of Yorkshire-based TAM (UK) plc. “We are delighted to be working with Yorkshire and the Humber Learning and Skills Council to deliver practical assistance to the local business community.”

“Many managers are simply too busy managing the here and now to manage strategically,” continues Webb, “but this is where TAM delivers, for managing strategically is a far more powerful and results orientated way to drive a company. It’s like shifting from first to fifth gear with the resultant speed and achievement that it provides.”

TAM (UK) plc now has pre-approved funding for Yorkshire businesses and can set the wheels in motion in 2-3 days for companies that can see the advantages a TAM programme offers them (subject to eligibility). As a licensed provider of credit, TAM (UK) plc can now also offer structured credit (subject to status) to fund TAM programmes.

TAM delivers strategic management and aligns company direction and people to guarantee results during difficult trading conditions. TAM’s mechanism also increases a company’s resource capacity by eliminating historical efficiencies and creates renewed energy and a commonly shared positive attitude that make the difference between success and failure.

Developed from a 10-year research programme at Stanford Research Institute in the USA, TAM has been applied successfully in businesses of all sizes both in the UK and internationally.

• For full details of TAM and what it can achieve for your business, as well as information on grants, please call Philip Webb, chief executive of TAM (UK) plc, on 07711 008350 or any of the dedicated TAM team on 0114 299 8885, or visit