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Press release March 9, 2010 Multimedia

BIG ideas inc, a UK based company , announced it partnership with California based pioneer of virtual technology solutions, 6Connex. With this partnership, BIG ideas inc. will give organisations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa better access to the award-winning Virtual Experience Platform developed by 6Connex.

The Virtual Experience Platform enables businesses and individuals to connect and engage anytime and anywhere, using a dimensional environment for internal meetings, virtual tradeshows, job fairs, medical conferences, conventions, congresses, symposia and hybrid events, and beyond. 

The team behind BIG ideas inc. is led by Tracey Poulton and Hellen Beveridge. Both marketing, communication and event specialists, they head a formidable group of technology and communication experts that are already talking to Government departments, major multinational companies, international NGOs, industry associations and third sector organisations about their plans for using the platform. 

‘We’ve been helping clients with their communication campaigns for many years but we could never find a truly effective way to create a long-lasting two-way dialogue.  We were constantly left feeling that the enthusiasm and knowledge created during a live event simply died away as the conversation stopped,’explains Tracey Poulton. ‘Now at last we have the technology to engage individuals and allow them to discuss and develop ideas, act upon them and report the results directly with the community that helped shape them.  This is an incredibly powerful tool for anyone in Government, the public sector, charities and NGOs, and of course commercial organisations that need to communicate with their target market.’ 

‘We are delighted to be working with the team at BIG ideas inc.,’says John Cabri, vice president of sales and business development. ‘They have already identified the potential of the 6Connex Virtual Experience Platform both in terms of delivering specific one-off events and as an enhanced communications tool that can benefit the marketing efforts of every type of organisation.  We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.’ 

‘From a marketing and budgetary perspective, the 6Connex Virtual Experience Platform is a very valuable tool,’ continues Hellen Beveridge. ‘Not only does it enable the host of any particular site the opportunity to communicate with a very geographically diverse audience in any language, including live chat translation, but the reporting and metrics function means that it is possible to build a picture of each visitor’s behaviour when online.  This means that every partner in an event can get a real, measured value for ROI.’


Notes to Editors:

About BIG ideas inc.

With a wealth of live events and marcomms experience, BIG ideas inc. is ideally placed to understand and utilise the full potential of the 6Connex® Virtual Experience Platform. Using the power of the virtual experience, BIG ideas inc. can enhance their clients’ ability to communicate more clearly, to more colleagues, customers and clients, across a wider geographical area.  By 'joining the dots' BIG ideas inc. offers the organisations it works with unlimited possibilities to interact and empower themselves and their own communities. www,

About 6Connex

6Connex is the pioneer of virtual experience technology marketing solutions.  Our Virtual Experience Platform enables businesses and individuals to connect and engage virtually anytime and anywhere using a dimensional environment-like architecture for B2B or B2C social networking whether it’s as a tradeshow, event or conference, and beyond.  6Connex has developed award-winning, results-oriented virtual technology marketing solutions for industry leaders such as Cisco, HP, DuPont, and Procter and Gamble.  Visit for more information.

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