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Workplace bullying: what employers can do

Press release January 17, 2012 Business

Peninsula offers employers services including training, HR software and employment law advice, which can help businesses to deal effectively with workplace bullying.

It may be hard to believe, but workplace bullying is not illegal – unless it could be construed as discrimination or harassment. Unfortunately, employers who deal with bullying in the workplace in the wrong way could find themselves in a lot of trouble. In this master class, Peninsula presents tips on helping the victims, disciplining the perpetrators, and training HR staff on spotting the signs and dealing with the consequences.

The emotional wellbeing of employees can suffer as a result of bullying in the workplace, leading to stress and therefore absence. Meanwhile, it's not unusual to see those suffering with work related stress taking out their frustrations on colleagues. To combat this, Peninsula's employee assistance programme helps monitor stress levels and provides counselling to those showing warning signs. Furthermore, Peninsula's HR software includes a simple absence management tool to help you see patterns of absenteeism.

If you need to discipline or dismiss an employee who you suspect of bullying, Peninsula provides employment law advice by phone, email, or in our online A-Z guide. In particular, watch out for unfair dismissal claims; tribunals can be costly and damage your reputation. However, with enough evidence and by following the correct procedure, the bully can be fairly dismissed for gross misconduct.

In addition, Peninsula provides training sessions for HR staff to help them spot the signs of workplace bullying. Being acquainted with the basics of employment law and best practice can prove invaluable in a situation like this, while their learning will always be backed up by Peninsula's employment law advice hotline.

For employment law advice regarding bullying in the workplace and employee wellbeing, visit the Peninsula website or call our team of specialist advisors for free on 0800 328 9348 and they will be happy to help.

If you are a member of the media and need any further assistance, would like to discuss case studies for a particular feature, or be added to our media contact list, feel free to contact Sammual-James McLoughlin, head of media, press and public relations at Peninsula, on 0161 827 8511 or [email protected].