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Working Solutions Release New CyberBrowser for Kiosks

Press release November 2, 2009 Multimedia

Working Solutions have announced the release of the latest version of their award winning, secure internet browser.

CyberBrowser started life almost ten years ago as a plug-in for Working Solutions’ Acquire software to facilitate internet access for clients such as Microsoft and the BBC. Now, as a proven, low cost, standalone product it can be purchased from its new-look web site at

Because it concentrates on kiosk requirements and not desktop user functions, CyberBrowser’s streamlined setup makes for a rapid configuration, providing a user friendly interface that is designed exclusively for interactive, touch-screen kiosks. Capable of displaying exactly the same web content as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, CyberBrowser enables the kiosk owner to decide which features and web sites their users will be allowed to access.

In addition to all of the usual features one would expect in a secure kiosk browser e.g. attraction mode, start page, surfing permissions, download management etc. CyberBrowser contains a separate secure lock-down software technology called Sentinel. Sentinel, the security software behind the Acquire Kiosk Developer (KD) solution, locks-down the kiosk and prevents unwanted access from either local or remote agencies.
As with all Working Solutions’ products, there is a logical upgrade path from CyberBrowser and/or Sentinel. Whilst CyberBrowser can be upgraded to the fully featured kiosk application builder that is Acquire KD, Sentinel can be upgraded to the Kiosk Monitor Watchdog. Designed to empower engineers and technicians who are responsible for kiosks over large geographical areas, Kiosk Monitor Watchdog enables advanced monitoring of errors and trigger events e.g. printers out of paper, faulty Cashmechs etc, sending email and SMS text messages as alerts so that secure remote access can be administered.
For more information call on +44 (0) 116 231 8921 or email [email protected], or go to for information about CyberBrowser and for information about Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd.


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Michael Hoppe
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For all press enquiries please contact Paul Mayer, Sales & Marketing Manager, Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd.  email: [email protected]  or tel: +44 (0) 7817 576061
About Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd
Based in Leicester, England, Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd has been providing award winning solutions to the digital signage and kiosk market segments for more than 12 years. So much more than just another media player, the Acquire™ range includes software products and player devices that combine power and functionality with the ability to control and manipulate content to create unique digital signage and interactive kiosk projects. Acquire™ software is already powering more than 15,000 players worldwide and has the flexibility to support multi-nationals corporations and small ‘start-ups’ alike.
Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd is based in Leicester, England.
For more information contact Paul Mayer, Sales & Marketing Manager, Working Solutions (Creative IT) Ltd . Email: [email protected]  or
Tel: +44 (0) 7817 576061