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Woodstock Chiropractic Office, Georgia Spine And Disc, Provides Natural Solutions For Back Pain

Press release November 25, 2014 Woodstock Chiropractor

Advance Health Solution provides pain relief through natural and non-invasive means. The chiropractor also offers suggestions for improving the overall quality of life.

Woodstock GA, 22-NOVEMBER-2014 - Advance Health Solution and Dr. Kal Abouhaif DC, are pleased to announce that natural solutions for back pain are available to local residents suffering from this common ailment. Back pain can occur for many reasons, including accidents with injuries to the spine, bad posture and illness. The Woodstock Chiropractor has the tools to identify the cause of pain and to provide solutions.

A consultation with Dr. Abouhaif begins with a thorough examination. The doctor may look at digital imaging studies and review the patient history carefully. He also does a physical examination to check for abnormalities in the alignment of the spine. From this information, he is able to form a customized plan to relieve the pain quickly and without surgical procedures. Chiropractic care also avoids the use of drugs to mask pain.

Dr. Abouhaif bases his recommendations for therapy upon the location, severity and type of pain that is involved. He may provide spinal adjustment or decompression when the integrity of spinal discs is involved. When there is muscle or other soft tissue pain associated with the condition of the back, the doctor puts his natural techniques to work on those areas.

The doctor has access to the tools and methods which are effective against a wide range of pain in the back and elsewhere. Dealing with acute pain is only the first step in the healing process. Usually the early techniques result in fairly rapid relief. Many patients enjoy relief after only one or two sessions. Continuing with the therapeutic measures ensures that patients will enjoy better health throughout life.

Learn more about relieving back pain using chiropractic techniques by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals who have further questions about the information in this press release are invited to contact the doctor at the location provided below.

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