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Winter Weather Warning Issued to UK Bikers by National Authorities

Press release December 7, 2012 Motor & Transport

Motorcycle Road and Race Warns This is Not the Time for Complacency

London, November 19th, 2012:

Motorcycle Road and Race has joined the British Transport Police in warning bikers across the nation to avoid complacency as the cold, wintery weather begins to take its toll. Both have issued a stark reminder that there is a very fine line between conditions yielding safe roads and those of a hugely treacherous nature and are advised all bikers to inspect their vehicles thoroughly if planning to ride over the coming months.

While there is no substitute for common sense or general care on the roads when it comes to biker safety, the safety of the vehicle itself and its chosen Motorcycle accessories can make a truly enormous difference.

Needless Incidents

Every year at around this time, the UK’s emergency services experience a massive spike in callouts and reported incidents on the nation’s roads. However, this isn’t evidence of a country that cannot cope with wintery weather, but rather the way in which the transition between the summer and winter months seems to catch so many off guard.

Or to put it another way, one day bikers are soaring down the safest of roads – the next they are dicing with death on sheet ice. According to Motorcycle Road and Race, while it is of fundamental importance to limit or restrict riding in line with what the elements may have in store, it is also crucial to take a good look at any bike from front to tail and assess just how well it is equipped for the cold weather.

Common Sense

Among the obvious checks of key importance are of course those pertaining to the tyres, the break disks, lights, chains, signalling systems and so on – it is also important however to reduce the chances of breaking down in adverse weather. In addition, it is always a good idea to take time to consider the clothing and safety accessories worn in terms of their own resistance to the elements.

Motorcycles Road and Race is one of the country’s leading retailers of elite brands such as EBC Brake Discs, but also offers comprehensive advice and guidance for those intent on keeping safe and secure on the roads, whatever the season.

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