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Winter Holidays in Whistler

Press release January 20, 2010 Tourism

Winter Whistler Wonderland

If you have not had that opportunity to take some time to yourself, then perhaps a trip to the Great White North would do you some good for what's considered one of the best ski resorts in North America. Fly through fresh powder on more run options than you can get to, while taking in a magnificent view, and you'll soon find there is no place like it. Come back to one of the scene setting hotels in Whistler and warm up by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate and family. The restaurants, shops, bars and hotels Whistler has to offer make the social life after hours an exciting scene. After a long day on the hill people gather together, relax and have a good time; such is the mountain life. Even if you have a low budget this season, there is plenty of cheap hotels still centrally located. Whistler is a great spot for the holidays for all to come and enjoy themselves. If you are not a fan of the cold you can make your way up in the summer for all kinds of events and activities. This year-round city is a must go destination.

Plan your trip accordingly if you feel the urge to watch the 2010 Olympics this year up close and personal. Be at the finish line as this years winner flies down the ice at top speeds on the luge. Or take the opportunity to see your favorite skiers and snowboarders perform. The excitement this year is going to be packed full of all kinds of people joined together for an ancient tradition, this year you can be a part of it instead of watching from your TV.

If you need another option head over to Banff this season for mountains of skiing and warm up in the Banff National Hot Springs. Nothing replenishes the body like soaking in hot, fresh spring water. Walk directly from the bottom of the hill to your peaceful cabin or hotel; Banff is full of accommodating options for whatever your idea of vacation is. Take a day to snowmobile around the area and spend the night exploring the many shops, and dining options. Stay at an exquisite hotel in Banff conveniently located and take a horse carriage ride exploring the city. The breathtaking view and luxurious hotels Banff is known for are certainly something you do not want to miss. There is constantly new events and festivals going on in this area for your enjoyment all year. More people everyday are drawn into the magnetic pull of the Rockies, and some do not even come back. This lifestyle is one that definitely needs to be experienced, so book your ticket today!