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‘Window Of Opportunity’ For Those Considering Purchasing A Funeral Plan

Press release March 11, 2009 Humanitary

Leading UK provider of funeral plans, Golden Charter, is offering consumers the chance to save money ahead of the price increase scheduled for April 1st

News Release   11March 2009                                                                                                    

'Window Of Opportunity' For Those Considering Purchasing A Funeral Plan

Anyone who is thinking of purchasing a funeral plan - used to pay for their funeral in advance and which, upon death, reduces the financial impact on their family - has an opportunity to save some money by acting now, following an announcement by one of the funeral industry's leading companies, Golden Charter.

The firm has announced that, from 1st April, it will be increasing the cost of its funeral plans to meet the rising costs of funerals. By making this price change known to the public, Golden Charter are offering a chance for those considering a plan to save some money if they make their purchase by March 31st.

Jim McDermott, Communications Manager for Golden Charter, explains:

"We are very aware of the current economic situation and the fact that many people are facing financial challenges. Unfortunately, as with many other things, the cost of funerals has been increasing. For example, in 2004 the UK national average funeral cost was £1,920; in 2008 it was £2,549, an increase of 32.8%, and costs are still on the up. We have to adjust the price of funeral plans to take account of such increases, which are driven by factors such as local authorities increasing the cost of cremations and burials.

"We have three plans that offer different levels of provision to suit individuals' different requirements, but all will cover the costs of a funeral director's services. The details are as follows:

Simple Way plan will increase by £244, from £2055 to £2299

Traditional Way plan will increase by £154, from £2395 to £2549

Exclusive Way plan will increase by £149, from £2750 to £2899

"If someone is in a position to purchase their plan before 1st April they can make a significant saving and know that, no matter what happens, the costs of the funeral director's services will be met at whatever time in the future this is required.

"There are currently over 650,000 people in the UK who have already recognised the surety that having a funeral plan can bring, and the trend to purchase them is increasing. In the USA around 30% of funerals are prepaid and in Continental European countries such as France and Germany it is 50%."

Anyone interested in purchasing a Golden Charter plan before 1st April should contact 0800 833 800



Editor's notes:

  • 1. Golden Charter is the leading provider of funeral plans to independent funeral directors in the UK, with over 200,000 plans issued.
  • 2. The three Golden Charter plans offer different elements to suit an individual's preferences, e.g. quality of coffin, but all cover the cost of the funeral director's services.
  • 3. A contribution towards the cost of additional items such as flowers, catering, crematoria, newspaper notices etc (collectively called disbursements) is also included in the plans.


Jim McDermott at Golden Charter:  Tel 0141 942 5855 or [email protected]


Alistair McLean at Acumen: Tel 0131 661 7027 or [email protected]