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Why men love Pandora bracelets

Press release December 8, 2009 Fashion

Men will never be stuck for the perfect present!

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Now guys let's recap on two important facts....points mean prizes (I think you know what I mean) and you want to earn as many points as possible with the lady in your life.
So, bearing in mind that a gift or kind thought earns one point no matter what it costs, (read "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus") what you need is a never ending supply of cute little gifts that will simply melt her.....I give you Pandora!...You buy a base bracelet and then buy the individual beads which thread on.
All you need to do is think of a romantic little idea to associate with each little bead and voilĂ , the points roll in! You might like to remind her of a great shared moment, shared dreams or just how much you love her. You're never going to be stuck for a present ever again. Imagine it, you're going to score a bulls eye every time, it's a dream come true for you guys. So start earning those points! 

So, here's how a Pandora bracelet works:
There are two threaded 'nodes' along the length of the bracelet dividing it up into three compartments. Most of the beads with the exception of the spacers have to be screwed past these nodes into their final place on the bracelet. The beads cannot get past these nodes without your help so won't fall down to the bottom of the bracelet when you wear it. The beads always stay in view and nicely spaced around the bracelet. 

In Greek mythology Pandora was given a box by the gods and forbidden to open it. Pandora's curiosity got the better of her and she opened the box. Out flew all sorts of sorrows for mankind but in the god's compassion they also included 'hope'. The expression 'Pandora's box' now refers to something that once opened, lets loose a myriad of good and bad things that cannot be put back.
Pandora jewellery is a wonderful way of creating a piece of jewellery that is the story of your life and it's unforgettable moments.