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WhoArtNow Launch Range of Typography Art

Press release November 3, 2011 Culture

Typography is a really expanding form of art that is growing in popularity, at the forefront of new art trends are WhoArtNow who have just launched a new range of typography art.

Typography art

After much deliberation and design work, finally the art team at Whoartnow have come up with a delectable range of Typography based images for your viewing pleasure! As a new and trendy interior trend at the moment new waves of typography art have hit the design world, from the simplest of ideas, to new takes on classic typography based images, all the way to the most complex images built entirely from text, this style has taken the art world by storm.

What is Typography?

Typography refers to the way in which text is displayed on a page, be it handwritten or a webpage, the use of typography has become widely recognised as becoming an entirely different form of art all together. Not only is it used to make sure text is placed effectively and in accordance to the reason it was written, but it has now become a way of designing pieces of illustrated art using text as the focal point of the image itself.

Typography art is perfect for both home and commercial use and WhoArtNow have created many different styles of typography canvas art for you to enjoy.

For more information and to view a selection of typography art please visit