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Press release September 16, 2015 RWC2015 Rugby

SKINS urge support of the Pacific Islands

Rugby fans love their home team. But everyone also has a favourite underdog.

That’s the concept behind the Rugby World Cup campaign #myotherTEAM from global compression wear company, SKINS.

“I certainly love my rugby team,” explains Australian Jaimie Fuller, chairman of SKINS. “But when your team isn’t playing, who do you go for?

SKINS wanted to officially recognise the contribution that the Pacific Islands have given to world Rugby. That’s why, this Rugby World Cup, SKINS are inviting everyone to join the Pacific Island Supporters Club by using #myotherTEAM to show their support for Tonga, Samoa and Fiji.

“Like SKINS, these guys were built to play rugby,” Fuller said. “They don’t have the financial advantages of the ‘big boys’ such as the All Blacks, the Wallabies or England – but they make up for it with pride, passion and flair.”

More than 25% of players in this year’s Rugby World Cup have Pacific Island heritage, although they account for only 15% of teams. The combined population of Tonga, Samoa and Fiji is just 1.2 million people. In fact, the entire population of Tonga could fit inside Twickenham stadium!

“Imagine rugby without the people of the Pacific Islands,” Fuller said. “It just wouldn’t be the same.

“That’s why we’re encouraging all rugby fans support one of the Pacific Island teams of Tonga, Samoa or Fiji when their home team isn’t playing.”

SKINS has commissioned a series of Polynesian-designed home team rugby badges that fans can adopt and share on social media. The designs beautifully recreate the emblems of every single Rugby World Cup nation with an overlaid Polynesian motif. They were created by a Polynesian tattoo artist as a symbolic icon to show the contribution the Pacific Islands make to world rugby.

The Polynesian home team rugby badges can be downloaded from

SKINS sponsors the Australian, USA, Samoan and Tongan rugby teams. 



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