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Who is your Guru on Love Sex and Marriage

Press release August 25, 2009 Education

People should be careful from whom they take advice from on their personal matters. Please see if the person is qualified to advice or not . This is your personal life and the wrong advice will ruin your life.

Who is your Guru on Love, Sex and Marriage?
Who is your Guru on Love, Sex and marriage? Dr. Rajlakshmi Darbari author of the books on "Knowledge of Love and Healing (Marriage University) says that everybody should be aware of the wrong guru's in society. It is very important whom you are listening to and following.

People have to understand that love and marriage relate to your personal life and just like you look for the best school teacher to teach and guide you to choose the proper career for you similarly in matters pertaining to the heart and marriage, you need the best guide. Do not allow your friends to guide you. Before following them ask yourself the qustion, is my friend competent enough to guide me?

There was an asian boy of twenty two years, son of a succesful business man. After dinner, his friend commented how can you think of marriage with your father helping you to find your bride. You are independent. Before marriage you should have fun, you should be with a lot of girls, you are missing out by saving yourself for your wife. Look at me I have been to bed with twenty girls, and I am thirty. The asian boy said but you are also divorced now. The friend said oh that, she lost interest in me because my business suffered a loss. Why waste the evening talking about her, I have forgotten her, lets go to the topless club and watch the women, and find ourselves a one night stand.

The asian boy said, what you are telling me to do is become like you, and I am not interested in aping you. I want to be like my dad, honest and faithful to his wife, my mother, and that is what my mother told me, become a husband like your father was to me and keep her happy. I am looking for a wife, not a one night stand.

His friend argued, but how can you be with one women all your life?
The asian boy said, but that is what my heart wants, I don't want many women in my life and I don't want divorce. I want stabilty, emotional stabilty and I only want to be with one in my whole life, be devoted to her and in that devotion I want to worship my wife and my relationship. This is a real relationship, I am not watching the film "Fatal Attraction" and copying that man. You are the wrong friend for me you will ruin my life.

In Rajlakshmi's book, the character Healer says in the first volume on page 252 quote, "This is what happens when I as a human being copy a culture or philosophy of a human being who is not worshipped, revered or respected or even considered a wise man in society. We come back to the question who is our Guru in society and who is our Guru in our personal life? It is very important whom you follow."

As you read the book you begin to realise that most of the mistakes we made in our personal choices was simply because we had the wrong Guru in life. The book has many such revelations, which helps every reader to stop their lives from getting ruined.

You can download the book for only £3.99 from This book is really worth reading as it helps us to understand our own unconscious behavior patterns and brings a revelation that we need to learn about to improve our own quality of life.

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