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When love went away

Press release June 27, 2010 Family

Then cruelty stepped in

Only one Father

Based on a true story which begins in the late 1940's, of Laura who has been blind from birth. James, also blind, enters her lonely world and her life changes. Dreams become a reality but she has to make a heart-breaking decision.

Nine happy years are spent in Essex (Laura has been forced to elope from her birthplace in Northamptonshire) Her beloved James dies suddenly and Laura returns to her home town taking her small children with her.

Lonely and confused, she married another blind man sixteen years her senior. Security and love are replaced by hatred and poverty as he drags them, along with his guide dog, into a harsher world; with the folk in their pretty town looking on largely unaware. Laura's life remains grim releived only by her attachment to her children and grandchildren.

The happier lives of her family are a tribute to Laura and James determination and courage.

This is a true story; set in a Northamptonshire town. Some of the names have been changed.