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What does the future hold for us and our dependence on other countries to supply our Energy?

Press release June 13, 2011 Energy & Environment

As a country we depend too much on companies abroad to provide us with fuel and energy, what does the future hold for us as we depend more and more on the middle east to provide us with our energy sources?

Free solar PV

Is renewable energy our answer to our dependence on the Middle East and other countries to provide us with our Energy, is that why the Government has given added incentives to incentivise the installation of Solar PV into homes and businesses throughout the UK. The Solar Industry is up and coming within the UK, we are seeing more homes and businesses installing Solar Panelsto save money on electricity bills and with the new government incentive scheme in place it is becoming a very profitable investment.

Germany have become world leaders in Solar PV and Wind Energydue to their aggressive push on incentives, even the smallest village rooftops boast Solar PV Panels and hillsides that are too steep to grow crops, now are a scene of Wind Turbines.

Once Solar Panels in the UK were very rarely seen or promoted due to the lack of knowledge and technology, the Governments Incentives to go green have meant that more people are choosing Solar PVas a source for their energy. Schools are also taking up the opportunity to go green by installing Solar PV; not only does it save money, it also makes an environmental statement to the children and allows teachers to use it as an educational resource. Farms one of the first to use wind power as an energy source are now turning to Solar PVas additional renewable energy and reaping the benefits of selling their electricity used or unused back to the National Grid.

Even though Solar PVis becoming a popular choice to go greener the question is; are enough people, businesses, farmers and land owners being educated on the benefits of Renewable Energy? Most countries that we rely on are unstable which, should be an added incentive to become less fuel dependant on them and one of the only ways to do this is to follow Germany's example by the Government putting more aggressive incentives in place to push Solar PV into more homes and businesses throughout the UK.

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