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Website Spokesperson increases sale over 40 PERCENT

Press release April 6, 2010 Business

UK company uses live spokesperson on your website to increase sales by more than forty percent. The power of a Website Spokesperson is undeniable.


If you’re like most website owners you’re constantly altering and adding to your site in hope of gaining more traffic to your site and generating more leads and sales.

You’ve probably even had your website optimized for many of the popular search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and the biggest one of them all, Google.

While it’s one thing to drive targeted traffic and leads to your business website it’s an entirely separate thing to convert those visitors into sales. Web Spokesperson of London reminds you that the most tried and tested method of making more sales if by using the “Human Touch”.

Through the use of the modern internet’s capabilities with media utilizes modern technology to bring a LIVE Website Spokesperson to their customers websites. These Video Spokesmodels are highly skilled and trained sales people whom ad immediate value to your website.

By adding a live video spokesperson to your website visitors automatically stay an average of seventy-five percent longer on your site and the figures show the average increase in conversion to sales is over forty percent. If you’re looking for an edge to increase your websites performance you should seriously consider this addition to your site.

A live Website Spokesperson will convey your business message in a professional and quick manner allowing your visitors to instantly know what your business is all about. The use of a live person also helps you connect with your customers and encourage return or repeat business. And for the cost of a typical week or two of other advertising, a website spokesperson will pay for it’s self in just a few sales.

Discover more advantages to including a Live Video Spokesperson on your website by contacting Web Spokesperson to on: 0800 048 8665 or by visiting their website at: