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Wear Sunglasses or Goggles In The Snow To Protect Your Eyes - Advice from i*Sunglasses

Press release January 24, 2013 Health

To some people it may seem a little silly to contemplate wearing sunglasses or goggles in the snow, however when you look at the very real benefits and factors behind taking the decision you will see that it makes sense.

Sunglasses in the snow

Unlike any other weather condition snow on the ground and snow falling from the sky can make it difficult to navigate even the shortest distances throughout the day. Your visual performance will almost certainly be affected as well as your ability to walk without the risk of slipping or falling.

During heavy snowfall snow flakes can get in your eyes, both irritating them and having an effect on your vision – this can lead to you becoming unstable and possibly causing an injury to yourself.

That could lead to having to visit a doctor, or worse – a hospital, whilst potentially meaning time of work and a negative financial impact as a result.

Wearing snow sunglasses or goggles would enhance your vision, reduce and block out the chances of snow flakes from getting in your eyes.

It is not just heavy snowfall where snow affects people, after the deep carpet of snow has stopped falling and becomes frozen by the cold weather the paths and road surfaces become almost mirror like in appearance and reflect bright sunshine that can cause almost blinding reflections to your eyes.

This again makes walking difficult and increases the risk of injury, whilst if you are driving it goes without saying that if you cannot see in front of you that the results could potentially be fatal to you, other road users and pedestrians.

For these two reasons alone, anyone involved with eye health would advise everybody to consider protecting their eyes with sunglasses or goggles during periods of snow and snow affected areas. Taking measures to enhance your vision and protect your eyes could save you more than you know in terms of finance and health!

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