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We've Hit Gas! Seisma Oil Research, LLC And Partners' Bigger Badder Wolf, Successful and Anticipation to Turn to Sales No Later Than January 2, 2008

Press release June 20, 2008 Business

Seisma Oil Research And Its Industry Partners’ Bigger Badder Wolf, Successful And Anticipated To Turn To Sales


Seisma Oil Research And Its Industry Partners' Bigger Badder Wolf, Successful And Anticipated To Turn To Sales January 2, 2008. On Saturday, December 8th, EnerMax, Inc announced to its partners that the Y-6D was successfully penetrated and that it has two potentially productive intervals. Initial reports from the drilling site show that the first lobe has approximately 4-6 feet of net pay with porosities ranging from 21-25%. It is comprised of good clean sand and should be a profitable producer with no stimulation required. The second lobe has approximately 10-12' of net pay with porosities ranging from 24-32%. Further reports assure that this is also nice looking sand and should produce flowing with no stimulation required. 

When asked about the well's status, Bret Boteler of EnerMax had this to say,"Production casing has been set and cemented. The rig will be released on Friday. The gas pipeline is very close so we have the capability to be online and producing very quickly. Fort Apache has done quite a bit of planning to ensure that we have the necessary production equipment in place so that we can turn the well to sales on January 2, 2008." 

A recent new comer to the Oil and Gas industry, Justin Solomon, President of Seisma had this to say on his most recent trip to Texas about Bigger Badder Wolf, "We have always had confidence in our partners EnerMax, 4G Companies and American Energy Partners to bring this one home and they did so within the estimated amount of drilling time. We are excited to be a part of this and to be able to have returned to our investors what we projected Bigger Badder Wolf would be. I agree with Bret when he says that this well appears to be very good well."

Boteler continued, "This should be very rich gas, producing 100 barrels of condensate per every 1,000 MCFG. Due to this zone being a pressure depleted drive, we should be able to produce the well at maximum potential, with well head pressures expected to be in excess of 5,000 psi. We will monitor draw down and pressures after the well has been online for 30 days, then will be able to make better estimations on sustained flow rates and total reservoir potential."

Continuing reports and updates on Bigger Badder Wolf will follow.

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