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Waveboards Direct - Join The Revolution This November!

Press release November 5, 2012 Sport

Waveboarding is one of the fastest growing sports in the world today; this November sees the launch of a new online retailer in the wave board sector, WaveBoards Direct.


Let's face it, high speed sports that provide a buzz and thrills to the participant will always be popular and grow in popularity as more people learn about it; waveboarding is no different.

Although not a completely new sports, waveboarding has really started to take the world by storm over the past year with it's origins in America now spreading around the globe as quickly as you can travel on a wave board!

This November sees the launch of a new online waveboard retailer called Waveboards Direct. They are a UK based business with an active interest in the world of waveboarding throughout their team. This interest in the sport has been one of the main reasons behind the company being formed; to give people in the UK and internationally based, more choice when it comes to buying the latest, top quality wave boards online.

Waveboards Direct have a great product range including a range dedicated to the style and design of the legendary Ripstik boards. They have waveboards to suit everyone, from children's mini waveboards through to the revolutionary Vigorboard Air Pro; their products also come in different colours to suit personal choice and preference.

They are also currently running a competition which is free to enter and offers you the chance to win one of their great waveboards; for more details on how to enter please visit

If you are already a wave board fan or want to know more about this growing extreme sports then check out Waveboards Direct's website by visiting

Join the waveboard revolution this November!