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Watford Estate Agent Explains Why Hiring an Online Estate Agent Makes Senses

Press release April 15, 2015 Watford Letting Agents

In an economy where it makes sense to save money, how does it make sense to pay 3% as service charges when an online estate agent charges not more than 0.5% for his services

Watford, Hertfordshire (pressport) April 15, 2015 - Essential traditional estate agents and online agents do the same job; yet one set professionals offer their services at a far cheaper price than the other. The question that’s in the minds of most sellers is why they should pay 3% (the national average) when they can get the same job done for less than 0.5%.

“Online estate agents do not charge a commission; instead, they charge an upfront fee.  But they also offer a huge range of pricing options thereby allowing their clients to choose a package of their liking. They can opt for extras like Energy Performance Certificates, 3D floor plans, professional images, etc.,” says a spokesperson for Quest Estate Agents, a Watford based estate agency.

The biggest point of argument against online agents is the fact that the upfront payment isn’t refundable and sellers may end up losing money. “But the extras offerings ensure that you are covered for the money paid. If you’ve decided to withdraw your listing or if the agent hasn’t managed a sale, you aren’t exactly left high and dry,” adds the spokesperson.

Besides, many large estate agents have begun to list properties until they’re sold without renewal fees. As for the argument about the traditional ‘seeing is believing’ principle, this idea does not have many takers, especially among the younger crowd.

The one area that online estate agents haven’t managed to convince sellers is personalized service. High street estate agents offer on site valuations, accompanies viewing and a host of other services that online estate agents cannot undertake.

Irrespective of the choice, it cannot be argued that it is the customer who is benefitted the most. Traditional estate agents, lured by commission have convinced buyers to pay more than the property’s worth often driving up property prices. Online agents have been a boon to buyers looking for a better price and greater transparency.

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