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Wallpaper Trends 2012

Press release March 6, 2012 Fashion

Plain or Bold???

Wallpaper fashion is constantly changing, the colours, texture and pattern we use is constantly changing. How do you know where to start?

Wallpaper is the quickest way to transform a room. The textures and colours you choose can make a room look totally different to how it did when you started. Throughout the years, wallpaper has fallen in and out of fashion. A few years ago the fashion was to make a feature wall, just wallpaper one wall and paint the rest; this seems to be changing this year and people are opting to paper every wall.

Both 2009 and 2010 saw bold-print wallpaper as the on-going trend, but in 2011 there was a move towards more subdued prints and tone-on-tone colours. Metallic wallpapers have become hugely popular, giving a sophisticated sheen to walls and creating visual interest, especially when done in tone-on-tone colours. Everything from warm bronzes to icy silvers grabs attention and creates a sophisticated space for entertaining and relaxing.

Stripes have also gained in popularity and we think this will continue in to this year. When hung vertically they can make a ceiling appear higher. Pairing the right-coloured ceiling with striped wallpaper can create a modern feel to any room.

"People are finally moving away from just a feature wall and are once again wallpapering two, three and four walls in a room," says David Klaus of the wallpaper company Graham & Brown. The feature wall trend is moving towards a full room or 3 walls.

If you do choose to create a feature wall with wallpaper, pick the wall that grabs your attention when you enter the room. To complete the look try matching the paint on the remaining walls to one of the background colours of the chosen wallpaper. This will provide symmetry and harmony.

Simply stated, wallpaper is the single most dramatic way to re-create a room. Considering the range of materials, colours, styles and walls to possibly adorn in wallpaper, it is almost impossible to not be open to the options available.

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