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Wales-based bill-presentment and payment company are Green Achievers

Press release April 14, 2010 Energy & Environment

Bringing the off line world on line is an Electronic Bill Presentment and Bill Payment service, which allows anyone to electronically deliver their invoices or bills using an online interface and also allow their invoices to be paid on-line, by credit/debit cards and other payment types.

PaySwyft’s new service aims to dramatically cut everyone’s environmental footprint by inviting all of its customers to use our web site as a single destination to view and send bills and statements and to make payments all on line (without having to print anything).

The damage waste causes to the environment and the cost to the local economy has become an increasing problem whether it is business or household waste. For every 38,500 paperless bills the environment saves:1 ton of paper,16,450 gallons of water, 1,941 pounds of solid waste,60 pounds of air emissions, 5,058 pounds of greenhouse gases.

 Many local authorities are running government waste schemes along with other energy saving schemes. PaySwyft believe that companies and individuals have a large role to play in cutting waste and becoming energy efficient.

PaySwyfts Electronic bill presentment and payment (EBBP) service will be available to everyone. We understand the importance of saving resources and offer a way for everyone to see and pay their bills on line, thereby saving trees and reducing land fill issues and costs with waste paper.

PaySwyft launches in Wales in April 2010. PaySwyft is free of charge to customers and offers the considerable convenience of a consumer being able to view and pay all of his or her bills in a single web site. PaySwyft will also offer a range of unique services and direct savings to merchants as well as a green, environmentally acceptable alternative solution, reducing the need to print and post bills and invoices while providing an electronic record of all transactions. PaySwyft is very environmentally conscious in all of its practices and are now pleased to be ‘GREEN ACHIEVERS’.

PaySwyft’s goal is to be a leader in environmental management at all levels and also to lead in addressing environmental issues. PaySwyft is supported by the Welsh Assembly Government and are proud to start our innovative business in Wales.

(Source: study by the Pay It Green Alliance)


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