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W3whiz claims to be the most affordable and yet the most comprehensive Internet Marketing Service

Press release March 16, 2010

The challenge says that the veteran SEO Company is providing the most comprehensive set of internet marketing services at the lowest rate.

There’s no denying the fact that Search Engine Optimization has become an absolute must when it comes to online success. In addition to this, Internet marketing is no more limited to adding your website into the web directories and search engines. It is gradually becoming a multifaceted approach that requires ample time, resources, and an overall grasp of the subject. Advertising market is getting more and more interested in online or media, in fact the growth rate of internet marketing is considerably more than traditional media. Those who have given it a try, agree that online media is a very cost-effective medium for targeted marketing.

A major concern for businesses looking for online marketing is to find genuine marketing expert who offers his/her services at reasonable rates. There’s no set criterion to separate real professionals from the amateur ones, the legitimate experts are now charging so much that it’s not possible for a small business or new start up to invest that much in online marketing which is a little slow in yielding results. In this scenario, a company that promises to provide first rate services, which are on a par with top companies at amazingly low rates, is a touch of relief.    

W3whiz challenges to provide all-inclusive Internet Marketing package at lowest rates. Internet marketing package consist of the most basic services like on-page optimization to some advanced ones like video promotion, at prices which are amazingly low without a doubt. For those who are on a budget but still needs to run a comprehensive internet marketing campaign for their businesses, this service is a perfect one. One can start from the most basic packages and then move on to the more advance packages. Whiz Launch is ideal for start ups, while Whiz Boost is suited for websites who are more than 6 months old. Whiz Thunder and “The Unbeatable” are two of the most valued packages, going to the extent of creating videos and pod casts for the clients


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