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VBG launches underrun protection with adjustable arms

Press release February 15, 2016 Underrun protection system

The new product EUFA is the market's first protractile underrun protection system that allows the length of the beam arm to be easily adjusted using basic components.


The requirements for whole vehicle approval have made it impossible for individual vehicle bodybuilders to continue installing proprietary solutions without undergoing an expensive certification. Therefore, VBG GROUP TRUCK EQUIPMENT now launches the EUFA (Endplate Underrun Protection Foldable and Adjustable) system, boasting arms that are adjustable to fit different mounting heights and chassis frames. Thus, the underrun protection system is even more flexible than other extensible solutions, and the beam arm length may be easily changed to match the mounting height desired. 

Comes imperforated or with mounting plates

The EUFA is available in an imperforated version, with three different types of perforated mounting plates and with beam, arms and balancing springs to be mounted according to the customer's wishes.

– First and foremost, the advantage is that the arms can be adjusted to fit different mounting heights and chassis frames. Suitable for most types of vehicles, frame widths and installation requirements, this product is an important addition to our complete range of proven and certified underrun protection systems for trucks and trailers, says Gunnar Nyvaller of VBG GROUP TRUCK EQUIPMENT.

Meets all requirements

– EUFA has been extensively tested and meets all international dimension and strength requirements according to ECE R58 revision 2. In this way, vehicle bodybuilders achieve more flexible solutions with a limited number of components while hauliers benefit from the fact that the product is continuously approved at an annual inspection, says Gunnar Nyvaller. 

The product is tailored to VBG’s remaining endplate and drawbeam program for pre-perforated chassis. Perforated mounting plates are available for Scania and Mercedes (50 x 50), Volvo and Renault (50 x 60), and Iveco (45 x 45). Like other VBG components, the EUFA has a unique corrosion protection with zinc-manganese phosphatising, ED treatment and a tough, high-gloss powder coating for low total costs and an extra long service life.

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Underrun protection system