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Vaping makes us smarter say electronic cigarette users in survey

Press release April 14, 2011 Health

A new survey tests the contention that nicotine can increase intelligence.

For decades scientists have maintained that while smoking is bad for you, nicotine can aid intelligence and concentration.

A new survey has tested that contention by asking vapers (electronic cigarette users) whether they felt more intelligent when they ‘vaped’.

More than three quarters of those surveyed agreed that vaping made them feel more intelligent, with one respondent in the anonymous survey stating:

“I feel nicotine enhances my ability to organize my thoughts. It has always been this way for me. I can stay focused and complete tasks on hand.”

The survey was not a serious scientific experiment, explained Jean Rasbridge, Managing Director of E Cigarette Direct, the company which carried out the survey.

“However, the comments are fascinating - and show that many respondents believe using electronic cigarettes is far smarter than smoking regular cigarettes,” said Jean.

The full results of the survey can be viewed on the E Cigarette Direct blog.