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User Stories: Saving Money with the Electronic Cigarette

Press release April 21, 2011 Health

E-Cigarette users share their stories of how they have saved money with the electronic cigarette.

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Dozens of electronic cigarette users shared their experiences of saving money with the electronic cigarette in a recent survey by E Cigarette Direct

And many reported saving thousands of pounds a year. 

One respondent said:

“I’ll spend £44.95 per month on vaping compared to £143.00 per month on conventional cigarettes. That would be a saving of £1,176.60 per year!!”

Respondents also talked about the changes the difference made in their lifestyle, with another using stating:

“First thing we noticed was more cash to spend at the regular foods shops, and buying better quality items.. less coughing, and not out of breath as often as I used to be.”

Jean Rasbridge, Managing Director of ECigaretteDirect, stated:

“What we particularly noticed about the survey was though we were specifically asking for information about the costs savings of electronic cigarettes, many users also talked about other benefits - including improvements in health, regaining their sense of smell, and even an improved sex life!”

To view the results of the survey read Saving Money with the Electronic Cigarette: Your Stories

ECigaretteDirect is the UK based retailer of the HALO electronic cigarette, a no-fuss two part e-cigarette.