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Press release February 5, 2009 Energy & Environment

'Free' energy boosts desire for air conditioning as main source of heating.

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Installing heat pumps is one of the most efficient ways of generating energy. For every unit of electricity that is used to work the heat pump, at least four units of heat are generated. This can equate to up to 400 per cent energy efficiency.

Heat pumps have become a vital part of air conditioning technology. Heat pumps work by transferring heat from one environment to another via refrigerant. When in cooling mode, heat pumps will transfer the heat in an enclosed area into the outside air. This results in a cooling of the area in question. Heat pumps can also allow this process to be reversed by extracting heat from the outside air into buildings, enabling indoor areas to be heated as well as cooled, whilst using the same technology.

Heat pumps offer numerous advantages as a heating and cooling solution. As the same system that is used to cool can also be used to heat, this reduces initial investment and adds to the simplicity in operation and maintenance. Heat pumps also have an integral advantage in the domain of efficiency, as unlike fossil fuel based heating systems, heat pumps will extract the available heat from the outside air. Heat Pumps are therefore generally considered to be a more energy efficient option to gas boilers. This is because by extracting warmth from the surrounding air, the heat energy released can be many times the energy amount that is required to power the equipment.

With increasing fuel bills, heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular for home and business owners. Additionally, many people are becoming aware of their own carbon footprint and are actively seeking to utilise the more environmentally friendly methods of heating their properties.

Heat pumps provide a compelling and ideal option as they are very affordable to run and extremely energy efficient and can also be installed discreetly outside a property.

'Heat pumps are a very real alternative to conventional means of heating' according to Matthew Barnett M.D. of Acre Solutions Ltd, a Surrey based contractor. He goes on, 'We have seen a definate increase in demand for such systems over the winter period, and can only see that demand increasing further.'

The design team at Acre Solutions has a large amount of experience in comfort cooling, and ventilation and would be pleased to carry out no obligation site surveys and offer customers professional advice so a detailed specification of the most suitable equipment can be outlined.

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