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Unwanted Gold

Press release March 2, 2012 Lifestyle

Don't scrap it, consider having it re-designed or re-sized

Since the world recession hit in the second quarter of 2008, Gold prices have continued to rise. We have seen an increase in the number of “cash for gold” shops popping up here and there. From TV ads, radio advertising and flyers through the door, you can not get away from these “cash for gold” companies.

Gold prices began to sharply rise just after the recession hit. When there is either political, market or economic unrest, investors tend to put their money in to gold. The value in gold is safe, although you will not reap the benefits of interest rates as you would if you invested money in a business or a savings account, gold is recession proof. As this recession is going on longer than predicted, people are playing it safe and investing in Gold driving the price per ounce up.

The “cash for gold” companies are well aware of the increasing price of gold and as the unemployment rate hit a record 8.4%, people are desperate for cash to meet their monthly outgoings. The “cash for gold” companies are offering a quick fix by offering what seems to be a reasonable amount of cash for unwanted gold.

 Some people do not have any other option than to sell their gold, be it jewellery or coin collections for cash. If you have unwanted gold, why not look at recycling it in other ways. Why not consider having your sentimental pieces re-designed. At Wedding Rings Direct, we currently do not offer the service of re-designing your unwanted gold, what we can do is weigh your unwanted gold and take the value of that from your new piece that you purchase from us.

 Melting your jewellery down and creating another, one off piece could be a much better solution and there are manyjewellersthat can offer this service to you. They can create one off, unique pieces that you can treasure forever. If a piece of jewellery has been in the family for years and you would like to wear it but it's just not your style or size then why not look in to having it re-designed or re-sized.

At the moment,Wedding Rings Direct do not offer the re-design service but it is something we are looking in to. We can however, re-size and engrave items for you which gives them that unique and special touch. We are able to take your unwanted gold and add it to a batch of metal, from which a new ring can be cast. However if you chose this option, we can't guarantee how much of the original material will be in your new ring.

 So instead of selling your jewellery, why not consider keeping those sentimental pieces and have them re-designed or re sized into unique one off pieces that can stay in your family forever.