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Unusual Valentine’s gift ideas for Men and for Women

Press release February 7, 2010 Fashion

Flowers, chocolates, underwear – whatever!

You are probably thinking ‘what the bleep – 75 quid for a bunch of red roses!’  Yes that is correct my dear romantic sausage – my fella’s mate owns a florist and a bunch of a dozen red roses, pink roses – or even yellow roses is going to set you back three quarters of a ton this Valentine’s day.   I beg of you to reconsider how you choose to spend a hefty wedge of cash next Saturday – after all it is just 24 –hours out of 8,760 in the entire calendar.  That’s right, one day of the year – and this year it has to go and land on a Sunday – even more expense when it comes to delivery.  Heaven forbid you forget and have to salvage the dregs of peach carnations from the supermarket floor – or worse still – the dreaded garage flower-stop, or even a bashed up box of shops-own chocolates – where there are more coffee and orange creams than a large bag of Revels.  The point is you still have time to get your loved one an unusual Valentine’s gift that is value for money.  So here are my two suggestions, buy a pair of unisex skinny jeans from designer Oak Jeans [ ]– after all if your partner doesn’t like them you can rock them yourself – and it gives them a nice excuse to walk around in their undies, and they cost a snip at around £40.  Or how about a sexy photo shoot that will be for both your eyes only!  Go to and for just £60, less than a bunch of flowers, you and/or your loved one can have fine art photos to keep forever – or to show to your mates – whatever takes your fancy.  If you ask me it beats the boring bunch of flowers, sickly chocolates, or ill-fitting lingerie.