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Unlicensed Cleaners – A Growing Danger to UK Households

Press release December 18, 2012 Homes & Gardens

First Choice Cleaners Advises Renewed Caution London, October 29th, 2012:

How risky can taking on a slightly dodging cleaning company be? According to First Choice Cleaners, quite spectacularly risky to say the least! 

Nevertheless, this is exactly what thousands of UK homes and offices are doing day in and day out, by failing to vet their chosen cleaning services and instead taking for granted their professionalism and honesty. 

A Growing Danger

2012 has seen an all-new record-high number of complaints and incidents from UK residents having suffered loss, damage or legal issues following their hiring of an inappropriate cleaning service. From theft of property to irreparable damage to further soiling of the home and right through to false compensation claims being filed against them, the list of consequences associated with a poor decision is long and disconcerting. 

The message from First Choice Cleaners is simple –would you ever be willing to open up your home, your possessions and your safety to a stranger? 

Simple Vetting 

Of course not, which is exactly what cleaner kingston services must never be taken for granted and instead carefully vetted before agreeing to any contract. In truth, it really couldn’t be easier to find the very best end of tenancy cleaning kingston has to offer and rule out any of the above incidents and dangers in a heartbeat. 

It is simply a case of a few common-sense considerations. How professional is the website? How long have they been in business? Are they insured? Do they vet their staff? How is their feedback? What guarantees do they offer?  The list goes on, but basically encompasses the very basic considerations that should come as second nature to any person looking out for their own best interests and those of the family. 

About First Choice Cleaners:

First Choices Cleaners is a professional home, office and commercial cleaning service covering various areas of South London. The company prides itself in offering an “Above and Beyond” service package which is always tailored 100% in line with the unique needs of each client. Jobs can be arranged as minor or intensive as desired, with services on offer from industrial power-hosing right through to the ironing of shirts. See for more. 



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