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United In Success: Mothers & SME’s Enjoy The Mutual Benefits Of School Run Bookkeepers

Press release February 13, 2013 Business

Everyone’s A Winner With London’s New Professional Bookkeeping Service

Everyone knows that small and medium sized businesses are keen to make efficiencies in their running costs. Employing accountants or bookkeeping services full time can be an expensive drain on company resources, and often unnecessary outsourcing overseas can often be false economy as many of us that have tried it can testify.

That’s why many are now turning to School Run Bookkeepers.

This is a new service that makes hiring a book keeper a lot simpler and a lot more affordable for SME’s for one very good reason – the bookkeepers assigned to the tasks are mothers with time on their hands when their kids are at school.

“Of course,” says Milan Joshi of School Run Bookkeepers,“they are not just any old mothers – these are highly skilled women who have the right qualifications and experience and were working in the business sector before taking a career break to raise a family.”

Now they are available for London’s SME’s between the hours of 9am and 3pm (or thereabouts) when the kids are at school giving their mothers a chance to earn a second income in their spare time.

According to accounting software specialists Sage, says Milan, bookkeeping is very much like baking a cake in that the ingredients for successful bookkeeping involves maintaining accurate measurements, paying close attention to your ingredients and expert timing.

“It is a good analogy for businesses,” says Milan,“because accuracy is crucial throughout the whole process of keeping on top of income and expenditure, whether they be large or small. In fact the smallest are the ones to concentrate on even more, because no matter how insignificant they are they can still become significant come the end of year.”

To achieve this successfully requires keeping a close eye on all financial activity and keeping all records regularly up to date.

“Doing this enables a business to know exactly how their finances are standing up and allows them to put some aside for the taxman. Making sure their figures add up is the name of the game here otherwise a business could end up with a right doughy mix on their hands.”

But it’s not only the taxman who will be satisfied, Milan adds, because if the books haven’t been over-cooked businesses will know exactly where their enterprise is financially and give them a much better idea of what the future holds and whether they will be giving their managers and staff a bonus…or announcing that everyone will be taking an immediate wage cut.

SME’s who know this will thus know how important keeping good financial records are.

“School Run Bookkeepers also knows this,” says Milan, “which is why we are the perfect win-win partnership.”

It also explains why it is becoming such a successful niche service right across London.

For all SME’s in London looking for greater efficiencies or anyLondon mum with the right qualifications and experience looking for bookkeeper jobs, being part of the School Run Bookkeeper Community could be right up their street.