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UK's Top Bollywood Dance School - Honey's Dance Academy - launches auditions to select next Bollywood Superstar - 'Bollywood Factor'!

Press release January 8, 2010 Culture

Honey’s Dance Academy, the UK’s top Bollywood Dance School, will be discovering the next Bollywood superstar in the making at its eagerly anticipated X-Factor audition process - Bollywood Factor – taking place on Saturday 9th January at St. Giles Hotel, Bedford Avenue, London WC1. The competitors dancing to secure a winning place will be trained by Bollywood’s top Choreographers to take part in a major Bollywood film as well as the winning the chance to compete in the UK Bollywood Dance Championships 2010.

This Saturday,the keen eye of Honey Kalaria, the Academy’s Founder, alongside a panel of Bollywood’s top choreographers, will be hunting out new dance talent who have the passion, drive and determination to make it as a Bollywood Star.

“You don’t have to be a dance professional to audition, we’re looking for students with passion, creativity and stage presence who we can train in different styles of Bollywood and Bhangra dance” Honey Kalaria, Founder H.D.A


Open to all skill levels the Academy has taken novice dancers and trained them to perform on the most glamorous of stage and film sets. With Bollywood ever growing in popularity and now reaching global audiences the appeal to learn and perform in the Bollywood arts has attracted students from all cultural backgrounds – something H.D.A encourages.

Since its inception in 1999, Honey’s Dance Academy has grown to over 13 London Studios and has casted its dancing students in Film, TV and Stage performances such as the BBC Proms, Jamie Oliver’s Oliver Twist, Harry Potter, Bombay Dreams, as well as blockbuster Bollywood movies.


The Academy has always attracted a high number of applicants and fierce competition, and with this year’s Bollywood Factor and forthcoming UK Bollywood Dance Championships the organisers have been inundated. Anyone interested in auditioning should register prior to the day by calling 020 8590 8050 or online at