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UK Businesses Wasting Billions on Redundant Marketing Methods

Press release December 31, 2012 PR

Fire Brand Social Media Issues Urgent Call for Refreshed Approaches London, 29th October, 2012:

Fire Brand Social Media has today issued a fresh warning to UK businesses regarding billions of pounds of wasted marketing capital. Every year, huge sums are being pumped into campaigns that simply are not bearing any worthy fruit, by businesses that simply assume their marketing partners are doing a good job.

According to Fire brand, it is becoming more important than ever before to be aware of certain danger signs that the current approach to marketing is ineffective, which in turn warrants either a massive change in direction or the switch to a new marketing firm – ideally both.

Simple Signs

It should always be the marketing experts that keep an eye on what is and isn’t working, but Fire Brand is for one aware that this isn’t always the case. As such, UK businesses are being warned to be on the lookout for any number of danger signs that may otherwise go undetected.

For example, if it seems as though the focus has shifted from directly targeting customers, something is wrong. Likewise, if goals and targets are being missed on a regular basis, the campaign clearly isn’t working. If revenue has remained unchanged throughout the campaign or has slipped, the approach is doing little to no good at all. If at any time the marketing message seems confusing to you, think how it appears to your customers.

Any and all of the above constitute very good reasons to demand a complete refresh in terms of approach, or ideally take things to a new provider with greater expertise.

Market Leaders

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About Firebrand Social Media:

Firebrand Social Media comprises a team of social media consultant in ct with a passion and penchant for pre-empting the industry changes of tomorrow for the business of today. Rather than simply acknowledging and working with the popularity of Facebook, Twitter and other market-leaders, Firebrand sets its sight on the future of social media and several lesser-known techniques by which to create promotional campaigns with limitless potential. Visit for more.