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UK Businesses Throwing Billons Away on Wasted IT Budgets

Press release December 4, 2012 Economy

AccessPay Warns of Staggering Wastage Behind the Scenes

London, November 29th, 2012:

Payment and cash management authority AccessPay has issued a stark warning to the business of the UK – you may be throwing away the bulk of your IT budget on pointless practices and wasted investments. Forrester estimates that upwards of 70% of these budgets could be for investment in cost-saving and productivity-boosting innovation, which should come as an alarming statistic to any business owner.

Surviving in the business world today means not only cutting costs as heavily and frequently as possible, but also ensuring that all measures are in place to allow the business to grow, evolve, adapt and generally role with the punches that come along thick and fast.

No More than Necessary

“AccessPay dramatically reduces your payments system running costs, requires no upfront investment and, crucially, offers predictable future costs.” – AccessPay

Access Pay offers a unique solution to payment and cash management by championing the creation of cutting-edge packages that only ever offer 100% of what the business needs – nothing more and nothing less. From BACS to Direct Debit to sepa to SWIFT and many more, clients are able to have their ideally suited solution built from the ground up – never paying a penny more than is absolutely necessary.

Businesses across the nation may think that they are doing their ranks a favor by overcompensating and operating a large, complex and expensive payment and cash management system, though nothing could be further from the truth.

Covering All Bases

“Cloud-based services mean your Company has always-up-to-date payments and cash management capabilities that can be rapidly extended to new payments channels when your company needs them.” – AccessPay

AccessPay serves as living proof that it is perfectly possible to cover all bases in advance without having to actually fund and overcomplicated or pre-emptive solution at great expense. Cloud-based services are literally limitless in their ability to grow, expand and evolve alongside a business in an instant – something all the money in the world cannot afford with standard in-house solutions.

It is simply a case of eliminating all unnecessary costs and allowing those within the business to do what they do best – Accesspay offers exactly this as standard.

About AccessPay:

Based in London, AccessPay is comprised of a team of elite IT professionals with extensive experience in the creation of payment and cash management solutions for business. Having started out as a small business and with combined experience of over three decades, AccessPay prides itself on offering the kind of simple, real-world payment management solutions its rivals cannot. The company mission is to remove both the cost and complication from payment management to allow UK businesses to focus on what they do best. Check out for more information.